MA Thesis

Factors Of Changes In The Payment System. Presentation And Transition To (new) Currency – Central Banking Digital Currency (cbdc)



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Kyiv School of Economics
payment system
Central Bank
digital currency

Central Banking Digital Currency (CBDC) is the digital form of physical money [ex: Sand dollar in the Bahamas]. CBDCs were introduced in response to the interest of the public in digital payments, like non-fiat payment systems such as cryptocurrencies. These cryptocurrencies are often developed by individuals or large corporations. Thus, CBDCs are seen as a government-supported financial technology which is an alternative to cryptocurrencies. This research will be helpful to introduce CBDCs to future countries based on successful launches from other countries. The goal of the project is to study the possibility of introducing digital currency of central banks into everyday life, which is a generalization of the research question about identifying factors influencing the adoption of digital currency within the state (what factors contribute to the expression of interest in CBDC in forms of adoption process stages by country). This project intends to explore and apply machine-learning techniques to identify specific characteristics needed to reach particular stages and implement CBDC as a valid country currency. To study the implementation of CBDC in a particular country, data will be collected using open-source databases, and a dataset will be created directly on which the study will be performed.