MA Thesis

Wealth Management as an Investment Project in Capital Times



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Kyiv School of Economics
wealth management
capital times

Capital markets in Ukraine are still in the early stage of develop. There are a few stock exchanges, dozens of brokers and custodies, banks and many investors. But there is a very poor variety of financial instruments to invest in. The government is interested only in accumulating money through local bonds issuing. The local bond market is huge: nominal value of bond issued is USD 39 billion, secondary market is USD 6 billion2 . To compare, the share of the trading volume in stocks, corporate bonds and foreign bonds reached only 0.8% at secondary market in 1Q20233 . Therefore, wealthy Ukrainians used to invest in non-financial instruments: property, businesses, peer-to-peer schemes; rarely if private equity and other investment funds; now in agricultural land. Besides, they found opportunities in foreign markets. There is a limited proposition of services in Ukraine which helps and support the Ukrainian capital to form investment portfolio, create investment strategies and consult on wealth accumulating within the country and abroad.