MA Thesis

Water Co Strategy 2021-2030



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Kyiv School of Economics
company strategy

Water Co, one of the largest national producers of bottled water and beverages without artificial sweeteners and sugar, markets its products under the "Water" brand, emphasizing a marketing-driven approach. With extensive experience in producing and marketing natural mineral waters, the company caters to consumers of various ages and income levels, offering high-quality, unique mineral water that promotes health and well-being daily. Extracted from 12 production wells at depths of 8-10 km and naturally carbonated, the water rises through volcanic rocks, dissolving minerals, and emerging as springs. Committed to innovation, Water Co aims to transform into a world-class company by leveraging advanced technology and top human resources, distinguishing itself as a global leader in highly mineralized water and developing a portfolio of functional drinks. The company's mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle by offering a variety of healthy drinking alternatives, while its vision is to become a multi-product leader and expert in natural mineral water production, strengthening its market leadership. Water Co's goal is to introduce innovative products like flavored drinks based on mineral water and functional water with electrolytes, antioxidants, protein, flavors, and other additives.