MA Thesis

The Effect Of The War On Market Prices In Metallurgy Sector



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Kyiv School of Economics


market prices
metallurgy sector

The war in Ukraine had an impact not only on the Ukrainian economy, but also on global markets. Commodity markets reacted strongly to the beginning of the war. Prices in the metal markets also showed sharp dynamics. There is no doubt among economists that oil and gas prices have changed significantly due to geopolitical factors, but there is no consensus on the dynamics of metal prices. Therefore, there is a problem of determining the statistical significance of the impact of war on metal prices. The purpose of this thesis is to identify the statistical impact of the fact of the beginning of the war between Russia and Ukraine on the prices of three metals: aluminum, iron ore and copper. For this purpose, global metal prices, as well as Ukrainian export and import prices and their ratio (terms of trade) should be analyzed.