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Ukrainian Market of Artificial Intelligence: A Survey of Attitudes and Major Problems



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Kyiv School of Economics


artificial intelligence
attitudes and major problems
Ukrainian market

Artificial intelligence is becoming a common notion nowadays. Even if a person can’t explain what Artificial intelligence is, at least everybody has heard this collocation. Frankenfield indicated that the first thing people think about Artificial intelligence is robots. It is due to fiction books and popular movies, that a lot of people tend to believe that Artificial intelligence is a human-like robot. But it is the time when science fiction becomes science facts. Dillon stated that reading fiction literature helps scientists to diversify the methodological approaches they apply. The notion of Artificial intelligence first appeared in 1956. At that time people started to explore how computers could solve problems on their own. During the 1980s2010s, Machine Learnings got popular. And currently, the Deep Learning process is extremely developing. Artificial intelligence is doubtless a technology of the present and future. McKinsey Global Institute analysis estimated that the adoption of AI could lead to annual productivity growth of about 0.8% - 1.4% for the period 2015-2065. It is rather high in comparison to the previous stages of human development, indicating that the productivity growth from the steam engine was 0.3% and from early robotics is was just 0.4%. The development of technology bears the fear of widespread automatization of people works. PwC presented the number of 44% of workers with low education to be at risk of automation by the mid-2030s. At the same time Acemoglu presented the idea of two separate effects, he stated that the replacement effect goes together with the productive effect that foreseen the increase in labour demand due to the AI and robotics development. At the same time, the problem of lack of AI specialists is of high importance and could retain the sector development. Ukraine tends to move alongside worldwide development. And at the end of 2020, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the Concept of Artificial intelligence development. Thus AI is going to become one of the priorities in the field of science and technology research. The Concept covers AI development in the following spheres: education, science, economics, cybersecurity, information security, defence, public administration, legal regulation and ethics, justice. The Concept implementation is due for the period up to 2030. During this period it is expected for Ukraine to take the leading position in the world scientific environment in the field of AI. Ukraine moves towards establishing Diia City, a legal framework for the IT industry. People attitude regarding this issue is quite controversial. In the framework of this paper, there was conducted a survey (in the form of a written questionnaire) to find out the people attitude regarding main problems of the AI market. The main questions of study are the lack of AI specialists and the perception of Diia City. The respondents are the owner/co-owner of employees of the companies that work on AI technology development.