MA Thesis

“Testing Intelligence (Ti)” Ai Platform for Predictive Maintenance in Measurement Systems for Automotive Testing



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Kyiv School of Economics


AI platform
testing intelligence
automotive testing

Predictive maintenance refers to using data analysis tools and techniques to identify anomalies in operations and potential equipment or process defects. By detecting these issues proactively, businesses can take corrective measures before they escalate into failures. Currently, conservative automotive industry either does not use any technique to predict system failure or uses statistical methods which either provide results too late unreliable. To address these challenges, I propose to develop “Testing Intelligence (TI)” AI platform for predictive maintenance in measurement systems for automotive testing. TI will use state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI), which will be trained for specific business domains. Usage of the TI platform shall allow customers to reduce costs the equipment availability is increased but manual high-paid work is reduced. Also such solution frees up human and hardware resources which allows to be more time efficient in testing.