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Your Style Advisor: An App That Makes Online Shopping Easy And Effective



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Kyiv School of Economics
online shopping
mobile application

In 2022, more than 200 thousand people in the United States have done shopping online according to online shopping statistics (Taheer, 2023). As anybody might guessed already, this number is projected to increase rapidly in the next few years. What is more, around 50 per cent of those who buy online are open to use any kind of advisor to make purchases (ibid.). Although, there are various problems that people face during the process of buying clothes online such as inability to pick the size of the garment, multitude of products which oversupply the market and lead to the impossibility to find what they are looking for, colors mismatch. Such issues force people to return or throw away the stuff they bought online which takes additional time, money and leaves a footprint on the environment. The steady digitalization of our usual activities is caused by many factors including IT industry development, self-isolation during pandemics and closing of the offline stores due to hostilities. Nevertheless, this does not negate the fact that people still need an expert advice while buying clothes for their everyday life and special events as well. Hence, the motivation of this work is set the stage for the future creation, development and efficient usage of Your Style Advisor Application.