MA Thesis

A Study Into The Conditions For Reestablishment And Perceptions Of Peer-to-peer Lending In Ukraine



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Kyiv School of Economics


peer-to-peer lending

Peer-to-peer (person-to-person, beween-person or P2P-) lending is a business model that developed from the microcrediting relations in the mid-to-late 2000’s. Generally it is Tinder for money: through a technological intermediary an individual can find whom to borrow from or to lend funds to with the entity in between directly involving the sides with each other. Moreover, that entity does not have to issue deposits/credits, hold funds in reserve or to bear the loan risks since they have been relegated to the lenders themselves. Nowadays, with the development of more dynamic sectors of the economy, like cryptocurrencies, such risks have become wider accepted. But that does not leave the platforms without work: trust facilitation and loan agreement completion are their primary operative tasks. This paper will be a study into the enablers for the reestablishment thereof: it will host an overview of the claimant enterprises, current risks, actionable strategies thereon and customer sentiments. It will also be host to econometric modeling into the population’s propensity to advise to use a platform of this kind should it appear in Ukraine. An action plan will be laid out for any upcoming peer-to-peer lending project to become a long-term sustainable business venture.