MA Thesis

Software Engineering Process Transformation in Multi-Component Environment



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Kyiv School of Economics
software engineering
multi-component environment

In this document, you will follow me in my process optimization journey from the start in April 2020 till the current moment, where many milestones are completed, but new incoming challenges are coming. We'll team-level team level improvements in process optimization, but as a general part of digital transformation because digitalization itself is not only software solutions itself with improved information flow. It is also a new organizational and managerial toolset to work in the new informational era with its most beneficial results. Then the company would expand it for a multi-component setup. We'll cover the team synchronization topic with the best performance results and a good fit into initial planning. And we will finish with the Quality Assurance process on the team and program level as the final step to complete the product with a guaranteed level of quality, and we'll reach it with the best time spent on it.