MA Thesis

How Does the Quality of Mobile Banking Application Affect the Bank Deposits



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Kyiv School of Economics


quality of mobile banking application
bank deposits

The world economy has undergone great changes that have been associated with the merging of IT, telecommunications, and innovation. It is these technological changes that have led to the emergence of such concepts as "digital economy", "digital technology" and others. Digitalization is an important direction for the development of all spheres of the Ukrainian economy, including banking. To date, banking institutions are in a state where they need to constantly improve their products and services and switch to digital services to remain competitive. Mobile Internet is of particular importance both for the bank and the customer, because with its help it is possible to cooperate with the bank at any place and time. It is with the help of mobile applications that banks have the ability to adjust to customers, thereby increasing the number of customers as well as financial transactions. In the process, the impact of the digitalization of the economy as the development of mobile applications on the banking system has been identified. Also highlighted the model of the impact of the quality of mobile applications on the financial performance of the banking institution.