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Influence of Various Factors on Academic Performance



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academic performance
multivariate linear regression
determinants of academic success

This study delves into the determinants of academic success among students at the Kyiv School of Economics, exploring the influence of various factors on their academic performance. Drawing upon a sample of 72 participants, encompassing both bachelor's and master's students, this research investigates the impact of participation, attendance, confidence levels, social media usage, and the relevance of work spheres on students' Grade Point Average (GPA). Employing multivariate linear regression analysis, the study uncovers various insights, revealing that active class engagement, high attendance rates, strong self-belief, limited social media use, and relevance of work to studies significantly correlate with higher GPA scores. Notably, factors like active participation and confidence in academic capabilities emerge as more consistent and robust predictors of academic success than others, echoing the nuanced interplay between various determinants and GPA outcomes. These findings offer valuable implications for educational strategies, suggesting avenues for fostering a conducive academic environment, particularly at KSE while advocating for further exploration into the multifaceted nature of academic success in diverse educational settings.