MA Thesis

The Effect of Geoinformation Usage on the Regional Economic Development



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Kyiv School of Economics
geoinformation usage
regional economic development

The state's borders are not just signs of the territorial integrity, but also serve as spatial limitation of the country's development. That is why most developed countries aim to ensure most efficient management of their resources throughout all the geography, not just in large metropolises. Due to limited space, the government attempts to encourage prosperity in less developed regions and ensure balanced development of living conditions for the inhabitants of any area. Proper regional planning includes, among others, economic ties mapping, analyzing multiregional data, modeling the regional imbalances, and therefore ensuring the policy initiatives’ attachment to clear, transparent and renewable indicators. This research presents the estimation of the effect of geoinformation usage on the regional growth and explains the relations of social and economic parameters with the GRP per capita growth in a sample of 24 regions of Ukraine for the 2010-2019 period.