MA Thesis

Digitalization Impact on Logistics Efficiency of Supply Chain



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Kyiv School of Economics


logistics efficiency
supply chain

This study aims to present an extensive review that should explain and prioritise the available knowledge on digital transformation in supply chain factors. It summarizes the existing studies to explain the current conditions of the art in supply chain transformation. This review should highlight the most important topics and present the possible trends in this fast-growing sector.We study the articles published in Web of Science and Scopus databases as well as on other resources and use statistical modelling on the countries' data. Using R studio, statistical analysis of 153 countries with observations for several years is analyzed. The study indicates the most important topics that are frequently appearing in the literature. Among them are “sustainable supply chain management” and “circular economy and industry 4.0 technologies”. The list of the most discussed technologies that are applied to the supply chain include blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive maintenance, the Internet of Things, and big data. Though the list is not exhaustive, the list introduced above will be further presented in more detail.