MA Thesis

Determinants of Financers Compensation Level in Ukraine



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Kyiv School of Economics
determinants of financers compensation level

This paper can help both professionals and businesses to get equilibrium in their expectations on remuneration given competencies. For any business, human capital is the essential value that generates achievement of the business's main goals, and matter of wage level occurs both in operational and strategic prospects. In order to grant fair salaries for employees, businesses can use market remunerations both for benchmarking and developing their scheme of compensation. On the other hand, for any professional, it is important to get a fair valuation for their competencies and know what is valued more by employers. This knowledge can help to understand points of professional growth & make complicated decisions on trading-off opportunities such as getting an MBA or one more year of experience. Awareness of market compensation level can become in hand as an objective argument in the salary negotiating process. It is also can help to deal with cognitive biases such as illusory superiority, self-esteem, false consensus effect, or anchoring.