MA Thesis

Company Analysis: UA Regions



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Kyiv School of Economics
capstone project
company analysis

This Capstone project shall provide an analysis of the current state of the UA: Regions company and the key strategic initiatives planning and implementation. UA: Regions company is a part of the National Public Television and Radio Company of Ukraine, which unites the oldest Ukrainian TV channels and radio stations. Public service broadcaster is a joint-stock company, 100% of the shares of which belong to the state represented by the Cabinet of Ministers. The Company is subsidized from the state budget of Ukraine. One of the goals of public broadcasting companies is to elevate society, make people more informed, form realistic perceptions in politics and social issues. The public broadcasting company is a benchmark for journalists' standards and provides an opportunity for the viewer to receive relevant content. Since 2014 the Company has been undergoing a period of transformation with a change in the form of the ownership, the business model, and rebranding. The main optimization activities were regarded as the organizational and functional structure of the local branches. For now, the Company faces the challenges of increasing market share, which could be achieved in two ways: entire market coverage and attracting customers from competitors. These two ways are covered in detail in the paper. The external and internal analyses were made with the help of different instruments and models. The determining competitive advantages will be applied by the Company for enhancing its positioning on the market. The Company's weaknesses were analyzed by the root-cause analysis and the main initiatives in the people and content dimensions were developed, such as content acquisition, local content production, Talent incubator school, and Internal turnover ensuring. The Total budget of the initiatives is 58 632 000 UAH that is 10% of the total budget of the UA: Regions. The initiatives' financing would be covered by the revision of the Company's costs.