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AI Anti-Fraud Cloud System as a Cybersecurity Tool for Defense From Bad Bots in Online Video Advertising “ADBOT SHIELD”: Investment Project



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Kyiv School of Economics


anti-fraud cloud system
cybersecurity tool
online video advertising
Investment Project

According to Imperva's 2020 "Bad Bot" review, bad bot traffic peaked at 24.1% of all traffic in 2019, with 37.2% of global traffic being robotic, posing significant threats as impostors use advanced ML and AI to bypass anti-fraud services. A cybersecurity proof-based real-time service is essential to combat these new dangers. Our unique solution integrates encrypted JavaScript into the website back-end, allowing constant script encryption changes and domain rotation during video shows, making it nearly impossible for bad bots to de-encode. Our goals include creating and beta launching an MVP, a public beta launch, and reaching the break-even point in the first year. We possess a core team experienced in media buying and ad tech, with a deep understanding of the market's needs without third-party consultants. The urgency lies in the ineffectiveness of current anti-fraud filters, which often misidentify robotic traffic as human, a critical issue as online video ad spending rises. Few teams globally can effectively address this problem, making our solution timely and likely to either capture market share or be acquired by larger players.